Hybrid Events

The biggest challenge in hybrid events is making both in-person and remote online participants feel actively engaged. Download our Hybrid Events Ebook to discover four crucial elements for success.

Employees have always physically worked together. As companies grew, they established multiple locations and relied on in-person meetings to keep workers connected to one another and the company. Then the pandemic hit.

Video conferencing already existed for corporate meetings, but what about events? We developed over 50 virtual team events to satisfy corporate America’s need to stay connected.  Now, with the pandemic waning, in-person events are returning, but what about remote employees? How can you have a live event that also includes your remote workers? 

The answer is HYBRID TEAM EVENTS.     

Our Hybrid Events engage both in-person event attendees and a remote audience in a fun and cohesive experience. BEST uses powerful, proprietary, event applications to deliver hybrid events which optimize a shared experience that both in-person and virtual attendees find engaging and valuable.


Innovative event technology solutions allow us to create dynamic methods to connect in-person and remote participants in a cohesive experience.


Remote participants not only see and hear the action at the live event, but they can also engage with their teammates onsite using our event apps to answer trivia and score points the team needs to advance through the program.

Global Delivery

Hybrid events allow teams in multiple office locations across the country and around the world to gather in a meaningful way without the expense of travel for attendees.

Best Corporate Events Hybrid programming uses our sister company SmartHunts®’ event apps, which feature exciting new Zoom® integration. We use these proprietary event apps to connect remote participants to their teammates at an in-person event, creating a live and interactive hybrid program.

This integration makes event facilitation more efficient because there is no need to connect individual zoom meetings on multiple iPads and manage breakout rooms to every iPad. Our facilitators send the remote and in-person team members into breakout rooms via our central control of the broadcast platform using the SmartHunts® App.

During the event, remote participants join their in-person teams via the ZOOM®/SmartHunts® App integration and play along using the App on their phones and Zoom® on their computers. In-person Teams have two iPads, one for playing the game, the other to see and interact with their remote teammates.

Above: At a Hybrid Bike Build Donation program, an In-Person team is taking a selfie with their remote teammates who are on the iPad behind them! Cameras around the room are broadcasting the event to all remote participants, while they interact with their in-house team using their own mobile devices to gain points, solve clues, answer trivia, and competing in fun, team challenges.

Here are the programs that we can now deliver as a Hybrid Event:

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